Software empowerment and development is one of the crunch points of modern day's technological competitors. Keeping that in mind, we at Green Buds Software Technologies always focus on providing the latest and updated specifically customized software design and development.

With an ordinary team of ordinary individuals, we accomplish extraordinary tasks when it comes to website, product and application development.

We are aware of the fact that to run a business, the requirements are to bring in a positive impact in business, not simply but through service levels that are dependable and trustworthy and also pave the path to direct cost savings. So, to make things better and understand your requirements, let's get acquainted, to make things look possible.

We truly believe in the motto "Size doesn't matter, Effort does". With a team of highly specialized and experienced individuals, we strive to keep our focus going.

Creativity is an element of focus and fun filled with ideas. With our genes and nerves singing songs and ringing bells of creativity, we transform your necessities into stunning, exemplary and functional user interfaces.


We work across a range of latest technologies and our team has significant experience in web based application development and mobile application development.


We transform your requirements into beautiful,intuitive and functional user interfaces.


Our test process framework is built to suit business needs for functional, automation, performance, specialized testing . Consistent processes - standards, methods and approach. Build a robust Testing Strategy which prioritizes quality, cost and performance.


We have thorough technical knowledge on groovy on grails, our team also developed apps based on JAVA(Springs,Struts,Servlets,Swings).


Our team works on your project to provide reliable, On time and Cost Effective.


We have high-end hardware equipped workstations and peripherals for Development,Testing and Hosting a Software. All our development facilities are provided with backup broadband and the firewall installed.

Scrum Methodology

Our self developed SCRUM methodology is a process which is nimble, feline and graceful that pushes us to go that extra mile forward to deliver the highest and the best in class business value in the tiniest time factor. The advantage of this unique process is that it puts us up with rapid and repeated inspection of the genuine working software on a periodic basis. Everyone and everything has priorities. So does the business. With the help of this personalized process, the teams can organize the data all by themselves so as to determine the best possible outcome to deliver the features that carry a top level priority.

Our Products

we give prior importance to our customers in order to provide THE BEST quality for products and services.


Do you own a school? A college? or any other kind of academic organization that is related to training facility? If so, then this piece of majestic product is just made for you. With a state of the art infrastructure and subtly designed structure, this application gives you the result that you always want to have, with serious precision and exactness. Whatever your needs are, this is just the one perfect platform to justify them.


To manage the information about the various tasks that are undertaken by hospitals by means of automated technology we have designed and developed a system called H.I.M.S (The hospital Information Management System). The crunch task of this self - contained application is to record all the details of the patients that have been admitted in hospitals.


To garner the milk products after the finished products chiefly the sale and distribution of milk and its related products such as curd, cheese, butter etc. we have designed and developed an application that in itself is a masterpiece which delivers its presence invariably with the retrieval of milk and milk products from different centers located enroute to various locations with the assistance of transporters.


Hominine Stratagem is a state of the art, customised web inference or deliverance system which has been designed precisely for the administration of the Human Resources Portfolio via automated technology so as to assist the concerned Human resources Personnel for the silky smooth running and administering of regular activities that they perform on a day to day basis.

What Our Clients Say

  • I have been using this software daily from about a year. What i am most impressed about the product is CUSTOMER SERVICE and the software is simple.

    • Dr.S Prasad Pidikiti
    • Pure Hospital
  • The process for getting my concerns resolved is VERY SATISFACTORY. and the product performance is FAST.The Over all experience with the product is good.

    • Dr. Kodali Jagan Mohan Rao,
    • MD, Nagarjuna Hospitals
  • We are very much satisfied the product. We scrapped the manual attendance after using this software. We would definitely recommend this product to other Spinning Mills.

    • Mr.Nageswar rao Nadella
    • Sri Sai Balaji Spintex

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