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Our products portfolio is the result of our look towards customer needs, including long-term relationships with customers. we give prior importance to our customers in order to provide THE BEST quality products and services.


This peculiar product specifically designed and developed for the system that manages all kinds of education is an online web application which showcases the delightful design to maintain all kinds of regular activities and also is extremely useful for maintaining records of various academic information related to the students.

The best part - It comes with a unique username and password allotted to every single user (on a multi user platform) at the time of registration with the concerned educational institution. We have also provided an option of parental control which depicts the various aspects of the educational standards and attendance of their children.

Main Modules

  • Admissions

  • Attendance

  • Payment Gateway

  • Transportation

  • Inventory

  • User Management


But what about the count? Stay Calm!!! With this one of a kind application you can pull up all the sale and indent information on a daily basis as per sessions (Ante and Post Meridians). Not only this but you can also have a detailed look about the dues of the centers with this customized but affordable application.

All the data at one place - That's what defines this application regarding your dairy needs. Might it be milk procurement, sales, or generation of invoices or receipts, you can multitask with just a single click. Built to perfection by professionals who know their job, this is a must need application that you would like to have in your pocket.

Main Modules

  • Milk Procurement

  • Day Sale

  • Tomorrows Indent

  • Agents Dues

  • Reports


With a great and innovative insight, we have created and modulated this so called cheeky but charming application which is extremely useful for both out patients and in-patients to check and update the daily proceedings with great care and caution.

With a hassle free and hands on technical ease, this application contains all the requirements that are required as requisites for all kinds of major and minor hospitals and health centers. As we are aware of the complexities in the hospital industry, we have made it a point to make sure that whatever you do in this extremely useful application is perfectly reflected thereby zeroing out the error criteria. Simple and easy to use, this application is a must for every hospital.

Main Modules

  • Setups Module

  • Out Patient

  • Cash Counter

  • In Patient

  • Discharge Summary


With the help of this exquisite and exemplifying application, the concerned department can access and work on various segments like registration of employees and their bio-metric attendance and also deal with salary contingencies such as pay slips, incentives, bonuses etc and to also keep in mind about the deductions, advances and loans.

Not only for official Human resource purpose but this application can be used to assess the canteen routines and is also helpful in acknowledging the hike, relievings, change of departments, Human Resources reports etc.

This is a highly motivational tool that motivates the employees to produce more results than expected.

Main Modules

  • Employee Registration

  • Biometric Attendance

  • Daily Deductions

  • Advances

  • Loans

  • Canteen

  • Payslip generation

  • Setups and Reports

  • Mobiliser Registration

Creativity & Scalability

To be creative is to think out of the box. Think about ideas that no one else has got. Since we are the people who carry these qualities in our head and heart, we always rush to give the most unique, genuine and world class applications to our customers. Our applications are rich in features and also stay head to head with other world class competitors.

LESS IS MORE - The usage of our resources in your digital devices is very less and are accessible from any device of your choice as per your requirement.

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