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Let's get on the wheel to peep into the world of stunning services we have in our arsenal - JUST FOR YOU!! We Plan - Perfectly, We Design - Dumbfoundingly , We Develop - Diligently, We Support - Superiorly.

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  • 2.The frameworks that belong to the Hall of Fame
  • 3.No manual tools - Only AUTOMATED!!!!!!
  • 4.Performance Management - addressed proactively with perfection
  • 5.Looking for improvement - Let's dance to the tune of our tools and strategies to optimize and improve the perform of your systems.
  • 6.Time is Money! - Yeah, we know. Let's Kill the time and the cost as well.

"Whenever our team gathers in a conference room - MAGIC happens. Ideas keep flowing flawlessly and the step out moment becomes memorable - both for US and our CUSTOMERS!"

Application Development

Architecture, design and development services to custom-build to your specifications.

Application Services

Streamlined Application Management to reduce operating costs, while meeting exacting standards of a 24/7 business.

Design Services

We provide creative animations, graphics and eye catching design. Our design services include GUI Designing, Gaming characters, Websites, Branding, Logo Designing and 2D,3D and Flash Animation.

Software Testing (Q/A)

Our test process framework is built to suit business needs for functional, automation, performance, specialized testing . Consistent processes - standards, methods and approach. Build a robust Testing Strategy which prioritizes quality, cost and performance.

Business Process Innovation

There are some advanced features in our projects.

In Hominine Stratagem we have provided the automation of attendance with the daily activities of employees i e. daily deductions ,loans and advances ,so that it reduces the human effort in calculating the payslips.

In Tavern Stratagem(One of our Product related to hotel management) we have provided the customer billing for any number of times until the settlement is done, so that the customer can view the pay at any time and along with this we provided the split bills based on the categories that the customer has undergone.

Tools We Use

Above are some of the tools that we use in our Application development,designing. In addition to this we use the upgraded versions in our development ,designing and testing which helps us to obtain the best results with less effort,with in time and within budget.

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